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We’ve got Kate Beckinsale Porn Pictures for those of you who want ‘em!  Of course that probably includes ALL of you, since I don’t know what gay men are doing on this blog dedicated to the hottest British export to America!  Kate Beckinsale is simply stunning and even her marriage to director Len Wiseman won’t let me give up on her!  Well at least she hooked up with the director of “Underworld” so we’ll see more of her in tight leather in the future.

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Kate Beckinsale Porn Pictures

Kate Beckinsale is not just another pretty face in Hollywood but she is smart and intelligent as well. We were captivated by her beauty when we first saw Kate do her major film appearance in the epic war movie Pearl Harbor and we were awed by her ass-kicking portrayal of a trigger-happy vampire hunting down werewolves in Underworld. This Van Helsing co-star is truly a well-rounded actress of her generation. But being a big celebrity in Hollywood comes at a big price and not do you only have to dodge rumors and other controversies, you even have to deal with all sorts of scandals as well… and that includes SEX! What we have here is a small collection of some of the nastiest and hottest porn pictures of Kate Beckinsale at its hardcore finest and you can find them all only at Kate Beckinsale Porn Pictures.

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Daughter Lily threatens to leave home

If ever Kate Beckinsale decides to have another child, she will have to make sure that her nine-year-old daughter, Lily, stays with the family. Her daughter with former lover Michael Sheen does not want to share her mother with a new sibling. Kate, who is now married to filmmaker Len Wiseman, said, “I don’t know if I will have anymore children. It feels like a long age gap. Maybe I would go for it if my daughter wasn’t threatening to leave home if I even think about it! For now, we’ve just gotten another cat.”

The actress also said that she and daughter Lily often “gang up” on Len for being American and not understanding English culture. “We’ve been married now for three years, and together for at least six, so I’m getting over the shock that he’s American. I don’t understand how anyone has any fun if they’re married to someone from their own culture, because we have an amount of ridiculous fun teasing each other. We gang up on him with our English accents, and make him eat Marmite and things.”

It looks like it is always fun at the Wiseman household, dispelling rumors of an impending breakup between the couple.


Kate cast as Barbarella?

Movie producers think that Kate Beckinsale is the perfect choice to play the cult 1960s heroine. The role of Barbarella was made famous by sexpot Jane Fonda in the original 1968 erotic science fiction adventure.

A source told Britain’s Daily Express newspaper, “Jane Fonda made the ‘Barbarella’ role very much her own all those years ago and she is bound to be a tough act to follow. But the feeling is that Kate has just the right combination of beauty, humor, and acting talent for the part.” Other vivacious actresses considered for the part are Sienna Miller, Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry.

Robert Wade and Neal Purvis will write the script for the £55 million project. Peter Webber (“Girl with the Pearl Earring”, “Hannibal Rising”) is set to direct. Producer Dino De Laurentiis said, “The reinvented heroine will be akin to a female James Bond – in outer space.” Barbarella stripped naked before being taken to a mysterious planet in the original film. She had several battles with her enemies as well as sexual experiences in the 1968 erotic thriller.


Kate goes commando

The 34-year-old star of “Pearl Harbor” shocked viewers when she recently appeared on a U.S. television show without knickers on. Kate was a guest on the hit TV program “Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson” to talk about her latest film “Snow Angels” when she made the controversial revelation.

As the actress was walking onto the stage, her microphone pack fell out. She was wearing tight black trousers and grey top. She told Craig, “I can’t believe that’s fallen out. They wanted to hook it onto the back of my knickers, but I’m going commando, so they couldn’t do it! So there was nothing to hook them on so it fell out.”

The stunt is the latest in a series of sexual jokes recently made by the actress. The British celebrity recently revealed that her nickname for her private parts is “Pharaoh’s Tomb”. She said, “I was called a slut when I split up with Michael and began seeing Len, but I’ve only ever had about three boyfriends. Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh’s Tomb!” Add to that her statement that she would rather eat a woman’s vagina than have a sushi dinner. She declared, “I can’t do raw. I can’t do sushi, even. I’d rather eat an actual vagina than that, honestly!”

Our favorite actress continues to be outspoken and to exude her sense of humor in recent interviews. Kate is still on my list of the hottest and most desirable celebrities in Hollywood. Blunt statements like these make her more endearing for me. And she just keeps looking better and better, even after nine years of being a mother to her daughter Lily with former lover Michael Sheen.


Kate’s interview flash

Kate Beckinsale revealed that she once sat through an interview with one breast hanging out. The 34-year-old star of “Underworld” said her embarrassing interview was caused by a wardrobe malfunction and caused her Japanese interviewer to fumble through the duration of it. The Japanese journalist could not get his equipment to work because of Kate’s breast in front of his face. She said, “A friend made me wear this top for an interview. I had one breast entirely hanging out in front of this Japanese journalist. I think I really scared him. He was fumbling around and couldn’t get his tape recorder to work.”

Who wouldn’t fumble around when you have one of the world’s most beautiful women in front of you, with one breast hanging out? Even the most seasoned of journalists will have a hard time concentrating when that happens.

The actress also confessed that she recently flashed her bottom after her trousers split. “My trousers had worn through so much you could see my bottom. My daughter Lily found it very funny. I was mortified! I had to get my friend to sew them up. I’m usually at the playground. I only get done up and put make-up on for special occasions.”

Now that would have been quite an experience if the Japanese guy had also been there at the playground. He would have been one of the lucky men to have seen Kate’s breasts AND butt. Kate wouldn’t have much to hide from him anymore.


Secret to a happy marriage

Kate Beckinsale has quashed rumors her marriage is in trouble. She is married to director Len Wiseman since 2004 and the “Click” star insists rumors that their relationship is in peril are not true. She said that they are as happy as ever. She elaborated that it was all her fault that rumors arose when she said, “I once jokingly said because we took up residence in Los Angeles that our marriage was doomed. Nothing could be further from the truth.”

The beautiful Brit recently revealed that the secret to their relationships success is sex – lots of it. Kate said, “I have the good fortune to have a husband who is quite taken with me. He tells me how sexy I look, which is a great source of comfort. We haven’t allowed ourselves to become lazy when it comes to finding time to have sex.”